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Ultimate 4K UHD Android OTT middleware and media streamer
4K Ultra HD Streaming
Android IPTV Platform
Next Generation MYTVOnline2
MYTVOnline2 is the next-generation TV platform that will elevate your media viewing experience to new levels. Seamless integration with Android system and native player.
Containing the newest decoding technologies and Android at its core, the Z8 will provide customers with years of streaming media enjoyment through various apps including MYTVOnline2.
Dual-band Dual Antennas for Fully Expanded coverage

Unleash the power of your TV

Number one choice in entertainment and sports. VOD section, TV catchup. Supports Vader APK on all android devices. Access from the web. Supports MAG/STB/STB 

Pause, rewind fast forward and record with the full line of Formuler boxes.