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Star Warz Build for Vaders
Here is a Link for a custom Star Wars theme build for Vader. Designed for Vader Stream Members
Star Warz

Hi everyone, I am doing a small update to this build, it will be released most likely on the 10th of sept. nothing big, just adding a few new things to the Vader Stream section, like the new guide for Vaders, 4k movies, and new releases. Also will be deleting some the non working add-ons that don't work anymore. If you know of an add-on you would like, please post it here so I can look at it and add it if is a good add-on
Per your instructions I have downloaded 17.6  which I like.  I am running Dreamlink T2 withi Kodi 17.6.  When I try to view a channel through the guide I am kicked out of this build to my home screen or when viewing a channel I want to return to main menu and instead is kicked out to this build.  Any suggestions?  Thanks
Yes, please turn of hardware accelerations under system settings in Kodi, this should fix the issue, this happens at times depending on the box, dreamlink is one of them
I am not getting the zip file.   I’ve gone to the site directly and received a 404 error
hi,, i loaded the http link last night & there was no Zip file available in the repo, pls advise if this build is still available,, thanks

mark,,,  Cool
It is unfortunate news, but the kodi addon and builds are being depreciated. This is in light of the techs resources focusing on video quality and the android apk.

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