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Is a PVR function an option that could be explored I know catch up is available but sometimes peeps just like to have  their own stash of who knows what that they enjoy
I have used TVHeadend with VaderStreams and found it useful with its PVR client.
I currently use Formuler boxes and like how I can record to a USB hard drive.
NextPVR is also a great option for PVR functionality with Vader.
I wanted to give Tvheadend a try so I wouldn't have to to keep my power hungry PC on all of the time. What a miserable experience it's been so far. First I had issues with the Muxes/Services constantly scanning and changing the epg. I solved this by downloading the m3u and pointing to it instead of the web version. Next I had issues with the epg. I finally figured that out. The issue is due to the fact that the epg is compressed. Looking through tv_grab_file I see that compressed files are only handled when the epg is also from a local file. Luckily I found the link online which isnt compressed. That seems to have fixed that issue. Now that everything seems to be working, I just don't trust that it's going to keep working without having to constantly babysit it. For now I'll just keep testing it along side my NextPVR setup and see how it goes.

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