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EPG Data for Latino Channels
Hey all, new here and wanted to help as much as possible with suggestions I see.  I would love to see proper EPG Data for Latino Channels. I have found the channel list matches basically SKY Mexico service, so if you are able to pull EPG from there (I think Plex and other places are able to get that EPG Data) then it would largely get EPG for the Latino section, that is the one that is missing the most. The rest of the channels can be covered by the a DirecTV or Dish Network EPG for the American based latino channels.  

Another suggestion for the Vaders APK is to cache or pre-load the guide, that way whenever switching categories it does not take such a long time to load.  The roku app does a much better job of that in terms of speed and fluidity.  Something more fluid and responsive would be great!
Hey, I'm having this same problem but I am matching the m3u tvg-id with XMLTV channel ID but i still don't get program info, only channel list in EPG. But after some time, i faced same issue, but now i am using iptv smarters app which provide full and smooth EPG support.

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