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nextv pvr and kodi
i configured the playlist and epg on nextv pvr backend on my pc an on kodi configured the host ip. I check the channels and it is showing the iptv channels as connected to the nextv pvr on my laptop but not all the channels work when I open up the channels using kodi. Any help would be appreciated. When I go on the vaders apk all the channels work.  Thanks
Behind the EPG (unseen) is the individual stream URL for each channel, so that the program knows where to go to get the stream when you click on the channel.  The default setting in Kodi is to save (cache) this information locally on the Android box, so Kodi will load more quickly.  However, when Vaders changes the source of some streams (which it does quite often), NextPVR will get it when it does its nightly RPG update, but the information will not get through from NextPVR to Kodi.  In Kodi, you need to go to Settings / PVR & Live TV Settings / Guide and change 'Don't cache in local database' to ON.  Then click 'Clear data', confirm, and then restart Kodi.  That will then pull in all the latest (current) stream URL's from the NextPVR back end.
Great answer! I thank you on behalf of the one asking the question. I think this forum might be going dead, Drag.

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