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Lots of channels not working
there are an awful lot of channels not working this morning. To list a few: sportsnet, GSN, cityTV, velocity, most movie channels....UFC was flawless last night though!
Yeah the UFC didn't buffer at all last night. Was really happy with that !
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get one live TV channel to work this morning. Is there some work going on today?
I've been watching Arsenal v Southampton it seems to work. Match Center won't work though
Most of the channels are back up from what I’ve tested but GSN is still just a black screen. No biggie but me kids love to watch cash cab and family feud lol. WONT SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!  Tongue
Doesn't seem to be any updates from the Vader team as to what's going on
Make sure you set your server to your location, unless you are in the uk, and if the channels are being blocked, switch to a US server. practice with this

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