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Vader on Roku
Over the past six months, I have tried several solutions for watching Vader Streams through my Roku boxes.  Roku seems to be waging a crusade against any platform that 'could' be used for piracy.  First they disabled the M3U Player Black that was commercial-free, then they found a way to disable the apk I had sideloaded onto the boxes, then last week they disabled the M3U Player Red that had still been working, albeit with several commercials you had to wait through before any stream would start playing.  I thought the game was over for Roku.

However, today I was pleasantly surprised to find that you can run Vader Streams through Roku's own 'Roku Media Player' that comes pre-installed on the boxes.  To do so, put your normal Vader URL ( into a browser URL line, and it will give you the option of saving a file locally called vget.m3u.  Save it, and then copy the vget.m3u file onto a thumb drive.  Plug the thumb drive into the USB slot on your Roku, and open the Roku Media Player.  Under 'Video' it will give you an option to select the USB drive and the vget.m3u file.  Select it, wait a few seconds, and voilá!

It will present all the channels in your channels groups in rows, with 50 channels on each row.  It's not too pretty, but it works!
Thanks for the tip, that would be extremely useful but having a Roku SS+ and with that not having a USB port I put the .m3u on a Synology NAS and used the 'Media Server' link under Video. Although it shows the folders on the NAS and the individual video files I already have on there it doesn't show the .m3u file, unfortunately.

I'd hoped that if it can read .m3u files from a USB flash drive it could read them from anywhere but that doesn't seem to be the case, so I'm back to casting from an iPad.
In this house we have three Roku devices - a Roku 3, a Roku Ultra and a Roku Premiere+.  Using the method above, I can get Vader on both the 3 and the Ultra, but not on the Premiere+, which also does not have a USB port.  The m3u file does indeed have to go on a USB drive connected locally; placement on the network doesn't work.

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