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Vader Kodi addon EPG not working ? (Within BETA guide)
I have tested on my windows 10, and another tvbox. The epg does not load. I also have tried full reinstalls of kodi, to no avail. 

The website portal does have a loaded epg, and even within kodi , everything is working except the beta guide.

For four months the epg loaded almost everytime , with only a few downtimes. The tv built in kodi client (iptv simple client) does load the epg , but unlike the TVguide built into the vader kodi addon, is quite limited.

Also a key thing to note : it does not let kodi exit at any point after attempting to load the epg and failing. This could be indicative that it is stuck or hanging, trying to do "something" . 

I can give more info if needed! If there could be an explination for all this all of a sudden happening, that would be most appreciated! Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I checked the log, it keeps showing an " error : ". Perhaps something must be wrong on the vader server end?

Also it should be noted that the channel links do work within the guide sometimes, but are not labeled. Othertimes it exits the guide with an oops something went wrong popup.
Polyzp - same with my Kodi setup. In Beta Guide, EPG was working/loading all year, however, as of Monday, September 17th (last week) until today September 26th, EPG guide stopped loading from EPG database for me, giving the "Oops, something went wrong, check your settings or try again later..." pop-up dialog box. Tried various things such as clearing Vader/Kodi cache, resetting Kodi, resetting Vader, resetting PVR guide, redownloading/installing Vader, but nothing works. Typically the above will get the EPG to restart/download and start working again, but no luck this time. I believe it has to do with server side/Vader and not your Kodi setup. Hopefully, Vader will figure out the problem soon so we can use the Beta Guide again. Problems could also be related to the VOD problems they had recently as well (EPG, Live TV problems). In the meantime, I'm just using Live TV option to watch individual channels without the Beta Guide (GUI). However, even the Live TV individual channels have the wrong EPG data attached to each channel (i.e. a TV show title from HGTV will be listed as being shown on MTV or something) , so something is definitely wrong with the EPG data servers.
I have been having issues for a week and have since removed Kodi and re installed vaders -Problem still exists .Buffering then drop out. however is now working again , so access to live TV has been established .
I have 2 laptops , a private isp and a condo isp .
I have tried wifi and also LAN
I have used kodi 17.6 and Kodi 18 beta 3
The issue replicates itself for all test configurations.
My ISP technician has said my speed of 55 mbs is too high ?????? I should be only 18 mps ???????????????? Necessary if accessing overseas TV ??????????
Having the same issues for a couple of months now with tvguide beta when i open the guide I get the message "Oops, something went wrong, check your settings or try again later." have given up waiting for a solution, trying to get vaders to work through tvheadend now. 

Joined vaders aboput 9 months a go and was really impressed with the service, then kodi app updated and I lost the abillity to use advanced setting with the VOD so now I cant watch a films or tv series with out constant stuttering and pauses which result in the video to stop playing and now the tv guide beta no longer works. this service is going down hill fast.

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