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VOD Buffering
Hi Guys,

I'm running the APK off my Nvidia Shield. I have no issues with buffering at all while watching live TV unless Vader shuts down for maintenance. BUT!!!! When I'm using the VOD either for film or a TV show it will buffer at some point. Is there a way I could fix this problem??

Many Thanks 

I agree the streaming service works great but vod is a let down, I have often had messages saying source to slow , come on guys make a great service even better
I am running Vader's over Amazon FireTV stick. VOD buffering starts 30 minutes into each movie, makes it almost impossible to watch. Any solutions?
Live TV is OK, But Video on demand freezes every few seconds for a few seconds making it impossible to watch any of the movies ..
VOD servers have been giving the techs trouble for some time now. It's a waiting game at this point Sad trust me I feel your pain!

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