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Using remote with Vaders App

Is there a way to get the remote for Formuler Z7+/Dreamlink T2 Prime to work properly with the Vaders app? I've figured out to use the left arrow to bring up the menu selections, but it would be great if the buttons for EPG, channel up/down, and back worked properly while in the app.

Apologies if this is a dumb question, but I've searched and didn't find anything.

I prefer to use the Vaders app over DOL2, but the loss of certain remote functions means others in my house (ahem) find it too difficult to figure out. LOL
HI There: I have just opened an new dreamlink T2 prime as well and am finding that the remote works better on DOL than the Vaders Apps, i've been trying to reboot , change settings etc lol thought it was me not setting things up right, hope someone can find a solution for us.

thanks for any help from me as well

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