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Assistance on a good Kodi build
Hi There: I'm new at this , first post  Huh , not sure if i'm allowed to aske about devices or just vaders.

I just got a new Dreamlink T2 Prime and would like to put a Kodi type build that maybe has the Vader items plus some other stuff my old Kodi used to get like movies and tv shows etc.
any suggestions and help info would be appreciated, for now i'm trying this set up
Option 1 - I have installed DOL2 and ran Vaders on that
Option 2 - I have installed Vaders as the app and ran from it  
Option 3 - Kodi set up with with vaders or just for the extra movies , tv shows, etc

PS: Does anyone know how if i can hook my own home network up to the Dreamlink, to share movies etc from my computer hard drives to share with the family like we did before

I've been trying the past last month out on older boxes etc. M8S , M8s II, Dreamlink T1 Plus etc., just trying to figure out what works best, best easy layout etc

As for now i'm doing many video and page readings from internet, so again any help would be nice

Thanks for any help 
Pat B

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