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hockey games buffering  lot and shuttering   .....
tsn is same some days unwatchable...
all leafs game   shutter in past 5 or so yet switch to another game it   works good  most time ???????
like see all hockey be more stable ..
is there other iptv that have more stable nhl??
I don't know why you're having this issue. Vader's NHL streams are of the best quality I've seen of any iptv service I tried. I was watching the Penguins stream last night and didn't detect problems. Might have skipped a time or two, which was the first time in weeks for me, but that's all. I do think Vaders is having something going on right now with the movie channels buffering and all, but hockey's been good to me.

Is it just the hockey channels that are giving you problems or the entire service?

Tried changing the server?

I would also suggest getting a backup service.
iam on mag 322 and on xbox kodi 18 i watch leafs games on nhl if its not watchable i go to sportnet
if swich to another game its ok ... on nhl
i have another iptv but nhl not working.
i will try on android use a app
i can live with it for now

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